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One cat: € 14,50 per day/per cat
Two cats: € 12,60
* per day/per cat
Three cats: € 11,60
* per day/per cat
*In case there are two or three cats from the same owners and in one box.
More cats (from the same owners and in one box): prices on request.

These rates are applicable from the day of arrival (possible from 10:30 on appointment). The day of departure is not charged if the cat leaves the hotel before 9:30. After 9:30 pm, the price of the full day is counted.

Attention: In the case of hospitalisation your Mutuelle may inform you about possible support for the expenses of the stay of your animal.


– Heating (if neccessary): € 1,60 per day/per box
– Administration of drugs: € 1,60 per day/per cat
– Special care diabetes: € 2,50 per day/per cat
– Other special care: prices on request.
– If treatment is necessary against parasites, costs are for the owner.

For additional information please call or email us!

Terms & Conditions

Cats must be in good health on the day of entry. They should not be carriers of ringworm or other contagious diseases.
Males need to be castrated, females need to be sterilized.
All cats have to be registered either by a tattoo or by microchip (obligatory since januari 2013).

All cats need to have their own vaccination certificate, with the vaccinations up to date (less than a year).

Mandatory vaccinations

Before their stay every cat should be properly vaccinated against:
– Cat disease (panleukopenia)
– Coryza (coryza feline herpes virus-goblet)
– Leukemia
Without compulsory vaccinations your cat can not stay in our hotel. Please bring a valid vaccination certificat.

Vaccinations not required but recommended:

– Rage
– Bordetella bronchiseptica
– Chlamydia

Fleas and worms

To be sure your cat is without parasites all cats will be checked upon arrival.
Please worm 10 days before the stay.
Use a flea product 48 hrs before the stay.


When booking, arrival and departure times will be discussed. Please respect these times because of the daily care requirements of all our guests.

A booking becomes final after payment of a deposit of 50% of the total amount. This amount is not refundable in the event of cancellation by the owner.

In case of cancellation of the booked period, the deposit is not refundable.

If a cat is collected at an earlier date, the full amount for the agreed period will be charged.


In the period from 18 december to January 6th, we only accept reservations for a minimum period of 5 days.

Additional provisions

Should your cat(s) be collected on departure by someone other than the owner, notice must be given on the day of arrival together with details of identity of the person who will collect.

If a pet has life threatening health problems e.g. risk of cardiac arrest, we must be informed in advance. We cannot accept responsibility for the consequences of chronic illness.
All costs of a veterinary intervention (if necessary) will be completely at charge of the owner without any responsability for the hotel.

In case of a sudden death of an animal, the hotel will order a dissection by an independent expert, completely at charge of the owner.