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Chatterie Le Pouget Dordogne

Professional care for your cat(s) while you are away!

Cattery Le Pouget

Our guesthouse for cats is small and quietly situated in the Dordogne with a lovely view on the surroundings. Lovely trees and plants around the building make this place an idyllic spot. Our guesthouse has 6 luxurious suites in which one or more cats from the same family can be housed.

Individual housing

Each cat (or cats from the same family) disposes his/her own suite, equipped with toys, scratchers, hiding places and sleepingplaces. Every suite has access to a private outside space, recently enlarged with lovely private gardens of 25 m2.

Peace & Safety

The quiet situation and the equipment of our guesthouse give your cat the sensation of peace and safety.
 The individual suites give us the possibility to supervise your cat(s) for its wellbeing and health. Stress and fights with congeners are not possible.

Ann Weijer – De Maere

“In 2001 I left my native country Belgium and started a kennel for dogs in France. In 2012 we opened also a fancy cattery.

I’m totally qualified and do have several diplomas, including a training at Karin Weuts, a cat-behaviourist from Belgium.

For me it’s very important that your animal feels at home, even they have to miss their bosses for a while. I’ll do always everything neccessary to make their stay as nice as possible.”

Bob Weijer

“I know Ann since 2008 and over the following contacts, my personal interest in Ann grew up together with a great admiration for her professional institution. I have a great interest in animals such as dogs, horses and sheep. In summer 2008, the next logical step, we decided to continue our journey together, and that in all areas.

I also got my certificate of capacity and also trained with Karin Weuts. This makes us a complete personal and professional team!”





When free, the cat is a busy animal, we offer not only toys and climbing trees but we will also spend time playing with your cat: throwing balls, petting etc. Every cat gets individual attention, we will adapt us to the need of your cat.


We serve several times a day wet and dry food to your cat. Cats like to eat, but they are picky eaters! We have choosen a top quality, nutritious and tasty food: Royal Canin, adapted for age, breed, weight etc. If your cat needs special food, please bring it with you.


A cat loves her/his own smells (Pheromones). We don’t want to remove those by using harsh cleaning methods, but the suite will be cleaned every day with appropriate products. The cat toilet will be cleaned several times a day. The suite will be disinfected before entering a new guest.


“Just a line to thank you very much for looking after Rosy so well, she has adjusted back to life as if she had never been away.
Will contact you when we know when we are off again. 
Kind regards,” Tom & Susan

Medical care

Our guesthouse is supervised by the veterinary service. Every cat has it own file, we write down every day the eat/drink habits and bowel movements of your cat. That way, we can see straight away if something is wrong. The vet will be warned if needed.

Cats with special medical care, like diabetes, kidney problems or other problems can come to our guesthouse. Giving medication and care will be extensively consulted with the owner and only on medical prescription.


Every suite is equiped with a heating. The heating can be adapted to the individual needs of your cat (elderly cat, breed of cat etc.).


To meet all hygiene and health rules our hotel is only for animals in good health. Please give us all the information needed when you bring you animal: not eating well, sneezing slightly etc etc. The more information we get, the better we can react in case of problems. In case of non contagious diseases, like diabetes, kidney problems or other chronical diseases, please give us all the information needed to take good care of your animal.

Take a peek!

You’re very welcome if you’re interested in our cattery to take a peek. Please make an appointment in advance and we’ll show you the cattery and all its facilities.

Like a five star hotel!

“Our two ragdoll cats have been going to Le Pouget for several years. This cattery is the best I have ever been too! It is clean, warm and safe. The cats have a huge indoor and outdoor pen with lots of activities to keep them entertained. They always come back calm and happy. It is like a five star hotel! Very luxurious and Bob and Ann are always so kind with us and the animals.”



If you are not able to bring or take your cat(s), we can offer transport. Our bus is equipped with a number of separate cages through which we can transport your pet safe. For this service, we have a rate of € 0.75 per kilometer and an hour rate of € 15.


Chatterie Le Pouget

24440 Labouquerie
Dordogne, France

GPS: 44.738383 0.794895

T +33 6 30584179

Please feel free to contact us for more information, suggestions or write a comment for our guestbook!

Office open

Monday, tuesday, thursday, friday, saturday:
From 10.30 am – 12 am and 1.30 pm – 6.30 pm
Wednesday: From 10.30 am – 12 am
Sundays and public holidays:
Only by appointment for the arrival and departure of your pets at 9 am – 9.30 am and 6 pm


Arrival and departure of your pets only by appointment.

Chatterie Le Pouget